Many of you WooCommerce neophytes might instinctively go off and secure a 3rd party plug-in to handle your per-product shipping rates. Let me show you how to leverage the existing shipping features WooCommerce already offers and save you a few bucks.
Shipping classes in WooCommerce are great for grouping products of similar type. For example, say you have items that are all the same size, let’s call them “Small items”. Now, let’s take a look at creating a shipping class.
Of course, this is only feasible if you have a small … Read More

If you have Crayon Syntax and W3 Total Cache WordPress plug-ins installed and are experiencing issues on the front-end, read on…

The Challenge

The Solution

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Give them the proverbial, finger.
With WordPress dominating a good 24-25% of the Internet’s website platform share, it should come as no surprise how commonly hackers target it. One of the oldest, and yet, more effective methods of compromising a website is to simply brute force your way through the the authentication system.

Website users, heck, even website administrators (!) are lazy when it comes to creating strong website credentials. This isn’t because they lack the wherewithal — it is simply a matter of convenience. Eventually though, it will come as a lesson learned the hard way.

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Engaging your website visitors has never been more easy.
Website visitors are like ghosts. You know they’re there, visiting your pages, reading your content, but you don’t see them. What if you could engage these visitors before they left your website? To engage them, you must make the first move.
Enter JivoChat
JivoChat is a fast, easy and stylish way to engage in a 1-on-1 conversation with your website visitors. Provide them immediate answers to questions they may have or help they may need… … Read More

My friends over at Time Warner give me keyboard-rage. See that above? That’s what happens when I’m redirected to a custom search results page by Time Warner Cable. Are you raging too? Perform the following steps first:

Sit up in your chair, nice and erect. Tilt your head left and right stretching out your neck.
Now, through your nose (mouth closed) take a really deep breath. Fill your lungs to max-capacity. Count to 3.
Slowly exhale through your mouth and count … Read More

Dreamweaver & Redux Framework CollideI’ve been working with WordPress a long time. Adobe Dreamweaver (DW) even longer. In fact, I’ve been working with Dreamweaver since it was first developed by Macromedia and it was in its initial release. So much to my surprise, while troubleshooting the error in the title of this page, I was taken down a long rabbit hole to find the culprit and the solution. I share both with you below.
Background First
Maintain Synchronization Information
Dreamweaver creates a folder in each directory of your website’s architecture called … Read More

WordPress comments can be a double-edged sword. Throw in trackbacks / pingbacks and you may find yourself in an unfriendly situation. Comment spam is notoriously exploited on WordPress platforms… largely due to naivety of website owners who have no idea what these terms mean or how to manage them effectively.

If you’re coming in on the tail-end of mitigating comment spam on a blog that has hundreds, even thousands of posts… disabling comments can be a bear. The WordPress administrative interface can be fickle about bulk editing more than 50 – 100 posts at once.

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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update, How it Affects Your Business

The big question you should be asking yourself is: “Is my website mobile friendly?” Google hopes that the answer from that question is an unequivocal yes. This is such a crucial topic right now, such that in the latest (read: next) Google’s Mobile-friendly Algorithm Update, mobile-ready websites will be seeing an increase (read: boost) in their search rankings. If you have not yet made plans for transition to a mobile friendly web design, now is the time to do so. Contact us right away to discuss … Read More

The Federal Communications Commission has finally published its full net neutrality rules. Read it, then weep.

Nothing can be more annoying. I searched a direct query string into my browser’s URL, and instead of my “default” search engine returning results, I get:

That’s right. I was peeved. So what the heck happened? Turns out, my routers static DNS settings were set to &, respectively. Guess who owns that DNS? You guessed it: Level3.
Well played dude, well played.
How to Remove Level (3) from your Search
The fix is easy, if you’re using 4.2.2.x for your DNS entries, change them. That will kill the hijack from occurring… for … Read More