During development, you may find the need to delete all products and categories and start anew. Because of the nature of Magento’s database EAV architecture, it is a bit complex. But you can use SQL commands below to properly do so. If you have not backed-up, do not proceed.
For Categories

Privacy, security, anonymity… all things that have been severely compromised since search engine’s began culling data, to better “enhance” your search experience.  When I say compromised, I mean by the 1 on 1 relationship you have with your preferred search engine.

Search engines these days impose results based on what “they” think you’re looking for, rather than allowing you to make that informed decision on your own, based on true, unfiltered results.

The results they provide, are not 100% entirely based against your search query. No, they are search results that are modified against your search query based on your search profile, … Read More

Silly question? Not entirely.

There are 450 million Spanish speaking individuals on the planet.  It is the 2nd most natively spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese.  So, does your website speak Spanish?

If you answered no, then you could potentially be missing out on a 20% revenue increase in sales.  I don’t know about you, but in my business, 20% is a number that garners a second look, especially when it’s positive.

Cuis Interactive offers a suite of Spanish related services that can help your business tap into the Spanish-speaking community.

Let us help translate your website into Spanish so … Read More

Honestly, this is long overdue and one of the coolest features we’ve come across recently. It’s so cool in fact, that we are already using it.

Google Voice is one of Google’s latest gadgets to hit their network of tools. Google Voice essentially gives you one phone number to replace all your phone numbers. Come again?

The concept isn’t new to you… you’re just not thinking out-of-the-box. Google Voice allows you to create your own phone number (any area code you desire) and then map or “point” all your other phone numbers to it.  You can then instruct your … Read More

This post stems from using the jQuery Slide Menu system found over at the very cool Dynamic Drive website.  For the most part, this menu system works 98% spot-on out of the box.  But if you attempt to view this in IE8, you will definitely find that it does not work.

Spent a lot of time researching this very obscure error that Microsoft IE produces.  Some of you know it very well, it’s the oh-so-descriptive “Object Expected” error.  It kindly gives you a column/character reference, but its completely useless as it does not correlate with the actual line/column numbers in … Read More

If you’re anything like me, a Geek, you probably have more than 1 RSS feed and multiple outlets that you would potentially LIKE to display them in. But most of these outlets (think: Facebook, Twitter, your Blog, etc…) pin you down to just 1 feed.

Allow me to introduce you to ChimpFeedr: enter a bunch of RSS feeds into ChimpFeedr, and they’ll mash ’em up into one master RSS feed. Then, maybe you can use that master feed for your social outlets!

Very cool.

If you have an offender, always abusing your server or dumping spam through your contact forms… the tutorial below will teach you how to block them from accessing your website. It should be noted, however, that this post is specific to Linux servers with HTACCESS functionality.
Block Bots
The below instructions look for robots that begin with a name of “BadBot” and tells it to go to http://take.a.hike/ which translates to a long walk off a short pier. Adjust accordingly.
Block Leechers (Hotlinkers)
Steeling bandwidth and server resources can cripple your site and ultimately your repeat traffic. No one likes a slow site. To … Read More

If your WordPress blog offers drop-down menus, chances are you have pages/links that are appearing in those sub-menus that you may want to hide from the main navigation.

The solution is quite simple:

Open ‘header.php’ file from your themes directory.  Make sure you open the theme that is currently in use with your blog/website!

Find the code below, which should be approximately 3/4 the way down the page.
<?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li=&exclude=30,47,68,102,113’); ?>

Add the string in green/bold as you see above to your code.

The bold exclude parameter has numbers that trail it. These numbers, represent your pages. Simply add the page number … Read More

Google Analytics is a reliable enterprise-level web analytics application that get’s tied into your website, your blog, and even your e-commerce store. Google Analytics is intelligent, offers advanced reporting and data segmentation, and is easily customizable.

But it’s most important attribute is: it’s gratis.

Do not allow it’s free nature to nurture disbelief that free solutions are resigned exclusively in small organizations or somehow diminished in its capacity to provide enterprise-level value. In a recent survey by Forrester Consulting to evaluate the use of Web Analytics within US-based enterprise organizations, a staggering 71% used “free” tools in some capacity. These … Read More

Here is an awesome product that resides in the quiver of many creative developers. If you have not heard of ColorSchemer, you could be missing out on designing with harmony.
ColorSchemer Studio 2
ColorSchemer Studio 2 is a professional color matching application for anyone from hobbyists to advanced professionals. Work with a dynamic visual color wheel, instantly explore harmony relationships and even let ColorSchemer Studio intelligently suggest color schemes for you!

Cost: $49.99

Try ColorSchemer Online, free.