I love a good online application as much as the next guy. But I love it even more when it helps me… help my clients. Buzzsum is one really useful and cool SEO/research tool.

Buzzsum lets you start a search by entering 1-2 keywords that are likely to appear in the titles of content related to your research industry. For example, “probiotics” or “content marketing”. You can also search by domain. What you get in return is the TOP SHARED CONTENT. That is, the most shared content for your topic or domain query.

How cool is that?


Additionally, you can run filters by type in the event you only want to search for videos or articles. Or within a specific time frame like the past year or the last 24 hours.

Results of your search will tell you how many times each article has been shared on each social network, to date. This allows you to judge its popularity. You can sort results by clicking on column headers. All results are tagged by type. A piece of content can have many tags, for instance it’s common for an article to also have a video or infographic tag.

You can click on the social results value to view the Twitter/Facebook users that have shared a particular article, and sort by metrics such as page authority or followers.

Lastly, you can view the content itself in a new window by clicking its URL.


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