Chatbots: Marketing Automation

Cuis Interactive can create an intelligent chatbot for your business to help generate leads and increase conversions.

Chatbots are the latest in marketing to enhance your customer’s experience. Chatbots have the uncanny ability to truncate the sale process funnel. Let’s recall that one of the many reasons consumers abandon a shopping cart order is because the steps are too many and too cumbersome. Amazon has mastered the easy checkout process and as a result has become the premier global marketplace as a result of this one improvement.

Today, you can find chatbots being used in customer care/support to drastically reduce inbound calls for questions that can easily be answered by automation. To book travel tickets. To schedule appointments. Another fantastic example of chatbots in action are virtual shopping assistants, like the ShopBot from eBay.

Any industry can find creative and effective ways to leverage chatbots to automate their business and promote incentives to their existing customers.

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