DNSRSearch.com Browser Hijack & The Non-Existing Domain


My friends over at Time Warner give me keyboard-rage. See that above? That’s what happens when I’m redirected to a custom search results page by Time Warner Cable. Are you raging too? Perform the following steps first:

  1. Sit up in your chair, nice and erect. Tilt your head left and right stretching out your neck.
  2. Now, through your nose (mouth closed) take a really deep breath. Fill your lungs to max-capacity. Count to 3.
  3. Slowly exhale through your mouth and count to 6. Empty your lungs.
  4. Feel a rush of calmness take over your body. OK? OK!

Slaying the Beast

So easy…

The above is akin to automatically being signed-up for a service you NEVER wanted. Infuriating. Now, there are a TON of search results out there on how to fix this hijack. None, except for this one work. You don’t have to go into your preferences and reset your Search page preference. You don’t have to run malware software. You don’t have to run HijackThis (great program BTW). Just follow my steps above and all your browsers will behave as expected.

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