Google Analytics is a reliable enterprise-level web analytics application that get’s tied into your website, your blog, and even your e-commerce store. Google Analytics is intelligent, offers advanced reporting and data segmentation, and is easily customizable.

But it’s most important attribute is: it’s gratis.

Do not allow it’s free nature to nurture disbelief that free solutions are resigned exclusively in small organizations or somehow diminished in its capacity to provide enterprise-level value. In a recent survey by Forrester Consulting to evaluate the use of Web Analytics within US-based enterprise organizations, a staggering 71% used “free” tools in some capacity. These companies achieved revenues in excess of $500 million annually and employed more than 1,000 employees.

So why is Google Analytics a necessity of business, now more than ever?

As the Web rounds out its second decade of existence, the practice of measuring visitor activity within online properties has become commonplace. Web analytics programs that ascend beyond mere clicks and visits are ones that derive insight from their data. Leading organizations use Web analytics data to achieve greater relevance in automated actions such as dynamically targeted content, and justify budgets based on historic and predictive modeling. Companies that apply Web analytics in this manner obliterate guesswork marketing and develop online programs with the evidence of past performance, projected outcomes, and clear expectations of returns.

Professional Integration

If you’re currently “in the dark” with your website and interested in integrating Google Analytics, or perhaps you’re not satisfied with your current Web analytics tool, contact us so we can discuss your business needs.