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Allow me to introduce you to the Not Only, But Also blog. A collection of nothing at present, but perhaps in due time, a nugget of resource for those interested in the likes of web development, search engine optimization, strategy and various other Internet related topics.

My name is Fernando Cuis, I own and operate a boutique web development firm in Huntersville, NC. I’ve decided to open up a little more and expand my reach by providing frequent articles for your reading pleasure. I’ve been in the web design arena for about 8 years now. My expertise (I believe), is in bridging the gap between businesses and the Web.

Having an understanding of business and web development, gives me insight over other web design firms that do not truly understand how a website can leverage the Internet, for the success of the business.

So with that said, my focus lies with anyone interested in learning what I have to share. You may be a business owner, or a web developer. Either way, I hope that moving forward you find this blog as a resource worth subscribing too.

If you are interested in leaving feedback, please do so against articles published at Not Only, But Also. If you want to reach us directly, please visit our contact page.

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Tried and true professional with over 14 years in Web development, project management, business development, branding, mobile computing, online marketing & sales, website design, social media and more. Checkout my latest start-up: blueridge