Turn website visitors into paying customers with LIVE CHAT

Engaging your website visitors has never been more easy.

Website visitors are like ghosts. You know they’re there, visiting your pages, reading your content, but you don’t see them. What if you could engage these visitors before they left your website? To engage them, you must make the first move.

Enter JivoChat

JivoChat is a fast, easy and stylish way to engage in a 1-on-1 conversation with your website visitors. Provide them immediate answers to questions they may have or help they may need… and you could increase your conversion two-fold. With JivoChat, you can now ensure a quick and easy response to potential customers.

How Does JivoChat Work?

JivoChat is incredibly easy. With a few minor edits to your website’s code, you could be up and running in no-time at all. As visitors arrive at your website, your JivoChat will engage visitors in a timely fashion. That’s it.

The Agent App

The Agent App is how you receive notifications when a customer engages you… it allows you to enter into a chat conversation with them. You can even manage multiple conversations through a single console that gives you meta-insight about the person(s) you are speaking with. It is a powerful desktop app.

Never Miss a Potential Customer Again

Through Cuis Interactive, you can try JivoChat on your website for FREE. JivoChat works with an array of platforms and software.

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