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Protect Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Go on offense, before you find yourself playing defense and potentially spending thousands to get back up and running.
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What You Get, What We Do

Our hardening efforts will ensure your WordPress website is secure from common WordPress intrusions.

There are many ways a website can become compromised, by processes that circumvent WordPress entirely. For example, your FTP credentials may become known. Your MySQL database may get injected with nefarious code, a technique known as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). Your personal or work computer may have malware on it, which captures credentials as you type or extracts them from known software applications. If you have multiple websites on the same virtual space, one bad apple can spoil the bunch.

Services Include:

  • Analyzing Your Theme & Theme Security
  • WordPress Core Configuration
  • Potential Web Server Vulnerabilities Review
  • Passwords
  • File Permissions
  • Database Security Review
  • Securing WordPress
  • Securing Critical Files
  • Plug-ins Review

Rock-Solid Security

We’ve been developing WordPress websites for years. We’re familiar with what works and what doesn’t. With a few tweaks and elbow grease, we can position your website to deter hackers. We implement according to WordPress standards and use tested security techniques.

Effective Hardening Tactics

WordPress commands 1/5th (20%) of website market share. It is a very popular platform that hackers like to exploit. Don’t become a statistic. We use years of experience, both server-side and front-end to harden your WordPress website.

Smart Business

Pay a small fee today to secure your website, or spend unknown quantities down the road when your website becomes compromised. If you do nothing, you’re a prime candidate for exploitation. Run a smart business and put your WordPress security first.

  • WordPress Security


    One-time Hardening Package to Secure Your Site

    Rock-Solid WordPress Protection
    Hardened Security
    Effective Protection
    Helps Thwart Hackers
    Permissions & Ownership Tweaks
    Forms Review & Hardening

I think my website is infected/hacked. How do I know?

Signs that your website is hacked or compromised:

  • Google your domain name. Google will flag your website as “harmful to potential visitors”.
    Harmful Listing Result on Google
  • Your search result listing has changed. The main Title or Description of your listing is not what you wrote.
  • Your webpages have been replaced with something completely unknown.
  • Your traffic takes a serious hit. Decrease in site traffic and/or a decrease in website conversions.
  • Your web hosting company contacts you. Good web hosting will run server-side scripts.
  • Our all-time favorite: your customers notify you! *cringe*

If you’re website is already compromised or suspect it is, see our website remediation page.